Facilities at Second Church

      Second Church moved to its current location beside Westfield State University in 1962.  The church leaders at the time attempted to preserve as much of the original downtown church as they could, while creating a new modern structure.  The dozens of stained glass panels that form the semicircular Narthex were created in 1865 for the original church.  Much of the lighting equipment came from the original church.  And in a monumental effort of Yankee frugality, even the original heating system was relocated.
     In addition to offices and meeting rooms, the church also features a large kitchen area.
     Second Church is also home to one of the finest pipe organs in the Pioneer Valley.  Many area musicians enjoy having an opportunity to perform with it. If you'd like to find out more about it, click here.

     This is the bell made by Meneely's in West Troy, NY, in 1867.  It rang from the steeple of the original church in downtown Westfield.

     This is a view of the stained glass windows from inside the Narthex.

     In the 1970s, under the guidance of then pastor Roger Fisher, members of the congregation created new stained glass windows panels for the Sanctuary.

     Here are the lower stained glass window panels from the Sanctuary.

      This is the largest stained glass piece salvaged from the original church.  It hangs prominently at the back of the Sanctuary.

     For the new sanctuary, this 20-foot-high stained glass cross was created, framed by black marble.

    This is the Waltham clock that hung from the balcony of the original church in 1865.  It was restored and hung at the back of the new sanctuary in 2015.

     Our Founder's Room functions as the main gathering hall at the church, used for fellowship, meetings and banquets.